10 Quality Gifts for a Dad Who Has (almost) Everything

Dads are incredibly special to us all, but boy can they be a pain to buy for!

If you have one of those Dad’s who has everything – and doesn’t need ANOTHER pair of socks, or a tie – here are 10 gift suggestions for presents he’ll be thrilled to unwrap:


Gift for the sweetest dad in the world

Retro sweets mega treasure gift box

Send Dads with sweet tooths on a trip down memory lane with this HUGE hamper of retro sweets. Packed in a contemporary and stylish gift box design this set comes with a tummy busting 47 different iconic retro sweets including load of lollies, Black Jack chews, candy necklaces, Space Dust, tons of fizzies and jellies, Jawbreakers, Chupa chups and, of course, bubblegum! It’s a candy shop – in a box.

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Gift for the outdoors adventurer:

Gerber Bear Grylls multi-tool

For those Dads whose skills would put Bear Grylls to shame (or even those Dads who thinkthey’d put Bear Grylls to shame), comes this uber-handy, lightweight multi-tool, which comprises 10 stainless steel tools including pliers, wire cutters, a fine edge knife and mini screwdrivers. There isn’t much Dad won’t be able to do with it, and, since it also includes a bottle opener, he’ll be able to open a cold one when he’s done working his maintenance magic!
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Gift for the golf master:

Nite Hawk golfball predator (blue)

This seriously cool – and incredibly useful – gizmo hunts down lost golf balls using short-wave light to illuminate errant balls in low-light conditions, but also in densely wooded or grassy areas. The Nite Hawk needs only 1 per cent of the ball to be exposed to find it, so no more rummaging around the overgrowth trying to retrieve those expensive golf balls for Dad – or you.
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A brilliant gift for the beer enthusiast

Six-Piece Beer Appreciation – Tasting Gift Set

Beer-loving Dads can take their appreciation of their favourite craft brews to the next level with this 6 piece beer tasting kit, which comes with four 250ml speciality beer glasses especially designed for Pilsners, Stouts, Ales and Wheat beers – all presented on a wooden beer paddle. They have also included a tasting beer wheel which gives you a handy guide to the various beer types available and all this comes packed in a smart full colour gift box. What more could beer loving Dad ask for? Bottoms up!
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Gift for the football fanatic:

Football clichés (book)

From Adam Hurrey, creator of the incredibly popular footballcliches.com website, comes this bound collection of his explanations of the game’s best, most amusing and, often, quaint terminology. Complete with semi-scientific images, this book is as intelligence and entertaining as it is informative and funny. The perfect gift for any football fan.
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Gift for the fishing fan:

Re-wind eco-friendly waterproof and solar torch

Let there be light! This compact and waterproof (up to 5 metres) solar or wind-up torch requires no batteries, so Dad will have the power of three LED lights wherever he goes. The torch will fully charge in sunlight or with just one minute of winding up will return a whopping 60 minutes of light. A nice small and lightweight torch it measures 24.2 x 14.8 x 4 cm and weighs in at less than 1kg. Great if Dad’s a early riser or loves a spot of night fishing.
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A gift with a little fathers day spirit

Andrew James premium cocktail mixing gift set

From UK kitchenware giant Andrew James comes this high-quality cocktail kit which will have Dad performing dizzying moves behind his home bar in no time. Aside from a 192-page book that will teach him how to make everything from a classic Martini to a more modern Cosmo, this excellent kit comes packed in a elegant gift box and includes a 30oz Stainless Steel Boston cocktail shaker and glass, twisted bar spoon with masher, cocktail strainer, wooden muddler and two measures. All Dad needs now is someone to share them with!
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A gardening gift for the green fingered dad

Funky Colours Fruit and Vegetable Growing Kit by Plant Theatre

Dads with a green thumb can impress their friends and neighbours with the ability to grow the finest of vegetables in the craziest of colours. PURPLE carrots, yellow courgettes and, even, striped tomatoes, are among 5 other ‘novelty’ fruits and vegetables that can be grown from the comfort of his back garden. This novelty DIY gardening kit also comes with five growing pots, peat blocks and markers as well as a sowing & growing tips sheet to get him started immediately. A unique gift for a keen gardner who has everything.
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A brain teaser for the ‘try’ hard rugby fan

3-D Hand Crafted Wooden Rugby Ball Puzzle

If Dad’s a thinking man who loves his sport, this ethically-made wooden 3D puzzle will entertain him long after the big game is over. Taking it apart is a cinch, but putting it back together is harder than passing a quick ball to the back of the scrum. Great to play on your own or with family & friends this puzzle will make a nice room decoration once all the fun is over. The perfect rugby gift that keeps on giving…
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Everything a Beard Wearer Could Want for Keeping His Facial Forest Happy


The Blade Shunners Beard and Moustache Care Set

For the modern man when growing a beard or moustache, grooming is a must. But most blokes wouldn’t know their styling waxes from their hair oils, which is why this handy kit puts all your facial hair grooming essentials in a single box. Included are a Beard Wash, Beard Oil, Beard and Moustache Comb and Styling Wax. Basically, everything Dad needs to ensure his beard and/or moustache always looks immaculately styled – without him having to spend hours in front of the mirror each day (unless he wants to of course 🙂
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Well that just about wraps up our gift ideas for Dad. What do you think of our suggestions. Have you found a perfect present for your Dad that’s not on our list?

Let us know in the comments below…


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