10 Special New Born Baby Gifts for Proud New Parents

The gift of life is by far the most precious gift anyone could receive, and this momentous day when a tiny little baby is brought into our world is one which will forever be celebrated.

The first few weeks are the most proud for any new parent, and is when all us well wishers will beat a feverish path to the door wanting to see the tiny little miracle first hand. And it is of course tradition, harking way back to those three wise men…that we come bearing gifts!

Here we bring you our selection of ’10 Special New Born Baby Gifts for Proud New Parents’. There’s something here for everyone, so please come take a look and we’d really love to here your thoughts in the comments below.


Orla Kiely Baby Journal (Baby Record Book)



A beautiful baby record book by renowned designer Orla Kiely to keep memorable, treasured moments and milestones about baby’s development. The handy thing about this baby journal is that it comes with pockets where you can conveniently store letters, mementoes and cards. There are guided pages for important notes plus pages where you can keep drawings and stick down those ever so cute little photographs. So when baby is all grown up, mum and dad can take great delight in happily sharing with them all these fond memories.
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Silverplated & Cream Suede Round Birth Certificate Holder


Needless to say, a baby’s birth certificate is a very precious and valuable document that all parents will want to keep safe for their children. And what better way to do this then with this delightfully made yet sturdy, silver birth certificate holder. Allowing parents to proudly display a lovely memory from their baby’s introduction into our world whilst leaving them at peace knowing that their child’s birth certificate will never be misplaced.
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Ewan the Dream Sheep by Sweet Dreamers


Being able to settle restless babies and toddlers into a peaceful (day or nights) sleep is an achievement in it’s own right, and certainly one which every parent won’t mind be given a little helping hand with!
Ewan the cute and cuddly looking Dream Sheep is designed to be either placed beside the baby’s crib or be easily attached securely to its cot bars. He comes with soothing heartbeat and womb sound combinations, that judging by the many many positive reviews he’s received, will surely help the settle the little darlings along to a good nights sleep.
And that’s not all! Cuddly Ewan can also be attached to a car seat or travel carriage, so baby can have sleep wherever they go. This makes a great twist on the traditional cuddly toy and is a lovely gift for older babies as well as toddlers
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Shabby Chic Baby Memories Keepsake Box with Photo holder



Who doesn’t love a good ol’ slice of nostalgia and we can’t think why a parent wouldn’t need a nice keepsake box where they can store all those special memento’s of a child’s early years. This lovely wooden, cream-coloured keepsake box is especially designed for little ones and will make a prized memory box for the all grown up child to appreciate long into the future.
Measuring 30 x 25 x 11cm this great looking decorative piece is just the right size to be displayed and makes a wonderful way to remind a child of how precious and loved they are.
Finally we should mention the beautiful inscription on the lid which reads “A baby is a Miracle sent from heaven above to touch our lives with wonder and fill our hearts with love.”
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Bronze Metallic Baby Casting Kit with Solid Oak 3D Box Frame


If you prefer something a little more grand and distinctive then these Bronze casting moulds will make a great gift for new parents. With this, parents are guaranteed a one of a kind special keepsake that will showcase just how small and delicate their little ones little digits were when they were first brought into this world.
This gift set comes with an exquisite solid oak 3D box frame that is especially handmade in the UK. The included casting kit can make up to 6 various casts for a newborn baby or about 2-3 casts for a 3-year-old.
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White Cotton Cards Baby Silver Clothes Photo Album




White cotton cards make some really unique embellished cards and they’ve pulled it out of the bag with this lovely handmade photo album too.
This stunning album is bound with white organza ribbon and the embroidered baby clothes really set the cover off beautifully and just invite you to look inside.
Boxed in a stunning solid keepsake box to keep it safe forever, this album measures 21 x 16 x 4 cm and comes with thirty pages, each able to hold one photo.
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Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Getting Started Kit


The perennial mums favourite Burt’s Bees, are well known for making all natural, earth friendly toiletries using only the most wholesome and gentle natural ingredients. And whether you’re familiar with the brand or not this ‘Getting started kit’ will make a great gift for any new parent.
It comes with a variety of products from their Baby Bee range including Buttermilk Soap, Buttermilk Lotion, Shampoo & Wash, Nourishing Baby Oil and Diaper Ointment so Mum will have everything they need to soothe and soften their baby from head to toe.
Moreover it is certified safe to use for babies from 3 months and above.
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Bambino Baby Gifts Wooden 4 Picture Photo Frame


How about letting a doughy eyed new Mum and Dad show off their beautiful baby for all the world to see with this lovely wooden display wall frame. This adorable picture frame measures 35 x 35 x 2.5 cm and will hold 4 small photos and most importantly will proudly show off ’Our Baby’ for all to see.
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My Special Keepsake Wooden Display Box with Drawers


As the saying goes, you are only young once… so it is perfectly befitting to make sure all those personal events and possessions are properly stored to ensure we have special memories to reminisce with as we grow into our years. While most parents prefer to keep special memories alive through capturing photos; noting their child’s milestones and storing some items can give an extra precious meaning in a child’s life. This unique keepsake box is a must-have for a beloved baby.
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Silver Plated Cinderella Carriage My First Curl, My First Tooth


For those who are looking for a elegant display piece then this just might be your perfect gift. This silver plated Cinderella set features two dainty carriages ready to be handed baby’s first curl and first tooth.
Presented in a lovely white satin cushioned gift box, this will make a wonderfully thoughtful gift and allow the parents to keep the most valued memories of their baby on display for years to come.
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Well that wraps up another 10 inspiring gift list ideas. Hopefully you found something for that special someone in your life. As always, it’s not about how much you spend, it’s how you spend it that matters. As a little thought can go a long way!

Happy Shopping and please check out other posts for more gift list inspiration!

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